One person can’t change the World, but one man can help at least one person with knowledge, energy and support. Our goal is to help  100,000 people in their personal development.

“Moresales Latvia” provides sales training programs, interactive seminars and sales diagnostics.

Being a part of “Pacelt Pasauli” Group , we engage professionals from different industries to participate in our project “Leaders for Youth” to share their experience and help young people to make  their future career decisions.

We  support sales professionals to get more inspiration and drive. But we still are in our early stage growing curve. To achieve our goal – 100 000 people to whom our ideas and tools have been useful, we have to find a lot of partners. The more we do and the greater are our efforts, the more people are joining us.

And if everyone of us can only help one person, – all  together we can change the world.

/Dace Briede-Zalite/