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Sales training


Better people – more sales. Motivated Sales staff has drive to achieve more – both personal and company goals. Sales people have a specific mindset. They are goal oriented people by default, unless they are not in the right place. By giving them additional tools and training, they will always achieve more.

 Working with outsourcing projects we have noticed, that finding a customers’ value proposition is one of the most important part in closing successful sales deal. Artūrs Irbe – a Latvian NHL hockey player – once said that the difference between “very good” and “excellent” is only a paper-thin apart. Every sales person must be able to turn this “paper-thin” proposition into a tasty sales story.

Dynamic Training Sessions & Seminars

Six sessions (6 x 3 hours) for improving Sales techniques.  Workshops are based on learning practical sales techniques, understanding of buyers’ psychology and positive thinking training. During interactive training we will discuss what kind of mistakes are often made. Learned practical knowledge about customer personality types and improved communication skills.

Goal Mapping. Full day program based on the theory of “Goal Mapping” by English psychologist and positive thinking guru Brian Mayne. Seminar energizes and gives understanding how to achieve set goals easier. Interactive group workshop with cohesive exercises in the end of day.

Six human needsSeminar is based on the theory about human needs (Six Human Needs) and external reactions of people, if they are unbalanced, by American American life coach, self-help author and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. Understanding these needs, sales people will be able to better understand reactions of customers and peer persons. Gained knowledge will help in daily interactions. Energizing workshop with interactive exercises that will give energy and drive for your Team.  4 hours.

 “DISC”  seminarSeminar is based on completing psychometric test and defining own personality type. In the seminar, sellers will acquire knowledge about different types of personalities, its interaction with the target – to be more aware of their costumer behaviour and reactions, be better prepared for expressing offers and collaboration. An interactive exercise during which acquired knowledge alternates with rich experiences stories. Length of the seminar 3 hours and 30 minutes.

This knowledge and techniques will be useful for professionals who on daily bases are in contact with unpredictable situations:

  • Sales managers
  • Front office staff
  • Call centre operators
  • Administrators
  • Technical staff servicing customers
  • Internal Training staff
  • HR staff



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