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Sales outsourcing

shutterstock_71958379“Moresales Latvia”  Ltd. is a sales outsourcing organisation which helps to expand new sales within corporate and retail business sector.


If you currently are in a situation when top line is under concerns. Sales outsourcing services can help you to boost your business. Our knowledge will also help your team leaders to better engage their teams and create a stronger leadership.

Our experience will help your business to grow:

  • in SME segment
  • in B2B sector
  • in Affinity channels
  • in B2C sector ( for Call Centres, Customer Service departments and local businesses)


We pay special attention to:

  • Service provided
  • Confidentiality  and their customer data safety
  • Sales growth against targets set

We provide the following tools:

  • Opportunity sizing for the whole market
  • Sales diagnostics
  • Weekly Sales funnel up-dates
  • Support for creation of customer value propositions (CVP) and sales promotions
  • Know-how to develop advertising campaigns

  • Support to create sales scripts
  • For better sales results we also train team leaders.

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