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Solvita Bruģe, Lattelecom

Reference about two seminars held by Dace Briede-Zalite – “How To Succeed Easier” and “If You Think You Can – You Can!”

We are grateful to Dace for a spectacular and exciting workshops for Lattelecom employees. Lattelecom employers got a special gratitude for the knowledge their employees obtained in the seminars, which will be useful also in their everyday lives. During the workshop, information collected from the staff after training suggested self-development and direction of higher goals. We were pleased that during the workshop examples of real life situations and different case studies were used that helped to understand the theoretical material. The seminar focused more on practical participation and involvement of the employees.

Valuable professional development workshop through the prism of a personal growth!

Thank You so much!

SIA Lattelecom Human resource manager Solvita Bruģe

Lattelecom reference regarding the cooperation with Dace Briede-Zālīte