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Ilze Ogle, Swedbank

About cooperation with  Dace Briede-Zalite

Referring to the  co-operation, we want to provide feedback about Dace Briede-Zalite.

Dace Briede-Zalite has demonstrated herself as a professional performance development trainer. Her  style is well-balanced with theory and practice, which is supplemented by practical examples. Dace is able to create an open and friendly learning environment where employees can feel free and at ease. Together we have  learnt the subject effectively and it contributes to improve learning topics and methods used in everyday life.

Main benefits from this workshop for employees was an inspiration and motivation, useful topics and techniques, valuable insights and conclusions that promote positive thinking and provide extra energy for work and beyond. Workshop was useful to our employees as they  recommended this event for other colleagues as well.

We value Dace Briedes-Zālīte’s ability to adapt to our needs and the specifics of the group, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to meet our customer’s needs.


Ilze Ogle


Training Centre Manager

Latvian Centre for Learning

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